Integrating LVM with Hadoop

đź”…Integrate LVM with Hadoop and
provide Elasticity to DataNode Storage
đź”…Increase or Decrease the Size of Static
Partition in Linux.
đź”…Automating LVM Partition using Python-Script.

Step -1: Launching 2 instances one for Hadoop master(Name node) and the other for Hadoop slave(Data node).

Step-2: Download and install JDK n Hadoop software in both the nodes:



To install we will use the following commands:

yum install jdk-8u171-linux-x64.rpm -y

rpm -ivh hadoop-1.2.1–1.x86_64.rpm — force -y

Step-3: Configuring name node n data node by updating hdfs-site.xml and core-site.xml

Name node hdfs-site.xml file

Name node core-site.xml file(IP: n port 9001)

data node hdfs-site.xml

data node core_site.xml(ip: master IP(public IP of name node instance) n port 9001)

Step-4: Format the namenode

Step-5: Create 2 EBS volumes and attach them to slave (data node)

Step-6: Create Physical volumes, logical volume, volume group for these 2 volumes so that we can use them.

If pvcreate cmd is not available then download it

Creating physical volumes

Create Volume group:

Creating Logical Volume:

Step-7: Format the partition

Step-8: Mount the partition to data node folder

Step-9: Start the name node n data node services

Checking the size of the data node

Step- 10: Extending Logical Volume size to increase the data node space

Step-11: Now again checking the report to see if the size is increased or not

The size is now increased from 3Gib to 6Gib




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